replacement washer - garden sprayer valve

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Summary Replaces my lost washer that holds the release value together for my garden sprayer. OD 8.5mm ID 3.5mm The little plastic washer was lost by a loved one while using the sprayer unsupervised. lol 30 minutes later (5 minutes measuring, 15 minutes tinkercad, 10 minuters printing) all is right in the spraying-things-world again. also to help educate your friends and family, best I have found under 2 minute slightly amusing, simple & straight forward explanation of home 3D printing, (made by and for schools): Instructions I just whipped this out with and printed it. PLA 0.2mm Layer 0.7mm wall 0.4mm top/bottom 100% fill 50mm/sec speed 194 temp 0.35mm nozzle ~6 minutes printing CURA13.06.4 MakerGear M2 -notes - works great, now I can get back to spraying things.

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