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Summary Make you own amazingly beautiful jellyfish, with this openSCAD file, or use the customizer right in your browser. These print without any goofing in the gcode. make, download, slice and print. I am exploring deliberately making drooloops, (I made that word up, droop+loop) and trying to harness the neat shapes you can get. This is my second attempt at something neat. Please let me know how your prints turn out and post pics. EDIT - I fixed the trouble, I was using the "resize" command in openSCAD which thingiverse does not support, I have recoded my file to use the "scale" command. phew! enjoy (FIXED)I have this as "in progress" and may have to post more files since the customizer seems to be having trouble with the bell. Download the file and run it local it works great. Also trying to get this in before the OnSuchAFullSea contest closes. :-) Instructions These are really fun to design and print. Each print job is fun since there's a slight element of randomness. The randomness is because we are deliberately "printing in the air" to create the "drooloops" (droop+loop) that make these jellies look so amazing. These slicer settings worked well so far with the models I have uploaded, or any customizer you make if you don't change settings on the advance tab of the customizer version. ALL UNITS millimeters (mm) layer_height = 0.2 wall_thickness = 0.8 solid_layer_thickness = 0.8 fill_density = 17 support = None platform_adhesion = None solid_top = True solid_bottom = True Feel free to experiment and let everyone know if you find improvements or just interesting results. One person's "interesting results" may be another person's "that exactly what I was looking for!".

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