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Summary I am having a ton of fun modifying the Seej 2013 Catapult, I am going to put my mods here, so I might add more files as I come up with ideas. Thanks zheng3 for making all these cool ideas bounce around in my head!! See instructions section for details about what's here. also to help educate your friends and family, best I have found under 2 minute slightly amusing, simple & straight forward explanation of home 3D printing, (made by and for schools): Instructions File = seej_catapult_FULL-SET_arm-mp-f1.stl Arm Version "MP-F1" - I wanted to be able to shoot with the disk payload upright and flat, so I added a ridge to hold the metal disk while it is in the flat position, also added a place for my fat fingers. I feel like I have more control now. Printed in PLA - 0.2m Layer Height, 1.2wall, 12%fill File = seej_catapult_FULL-SET_arm-mp-f1.stl This was inspired by pjotrx who put most of the parts in a single file (total genius), BUT I wanted to have the flags in there too, so this is what I consider the full set although there are not any bloxen here so the fullness is open for debate, AND (warning) this file includes my modified arm, so if you don't like my arm version "mp-f1" you might want to swap that part of the file back to the original. This print is basically 140mm-x-140mm (5.5"-x-5.5") so it should fit most printers at 100% size, but if needed re-size it to fit your stage. now when a freind wants to start playing I just load this one file and print, 3 hours later and some hot glue and we're in business. Printed in PLA - 0.2m Layer Height, 1.2wall, 12%fill File = seej-flag_mp_2sided.stl Flag with my initials on it, unless MP means anything to you this might not be very interesting to you, but the idea of adding YOUR initials might be fun. Printed in PLA - 0.2m Layer Height, 1.2wall, 12%fill File = seej_battle_flag_4sets.stl Need Battle Flags? this file is 4 sets in one print (12 flags total) This print is basically 140mm-x-124mm (5.5"-x-5")

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