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Summary Hey Vinyl lovers (and lovers of vinyl lovers) show your vinyl how much you really love it by gently cleaning the surface before playing. I use one of these every time before I play my records. This is a customizable vinyl record cleaner (some assemble required-see instructions), add text of your choosing to the back or choose to have the Ghostly International logo printed on the back. This prints out at just over 4 3/4inches or 123mm which is large enough to clean a 33 1/3 in a single pass. You can choose to have it print a storage compartment or all solid. See instructions for details. THANKS to makkuro for the nice openSCAD code for the logo, you saved me some time!! Instructions To use, hold length perpendicular to record rotation (record on the turntable and while it is rotating), then tilt the cleaner up and sweep dust up and way. Clean pad with a small brush if needed. I use a tiny amount of distilled water on mine. I made a how to assemble video: You will need: -velvet or micro fiber cloth -sponge or something soft and squishy (pipe insulation for 1/2inch pipe cut in half works great!) -hot glue or some glue assembly print parts cut sponge to fit plate wrap cloth around the plate and sponge tuck cloth into oval glue cloth-plate-sponge onto handle so that soft cloth is on the outside

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