Borderlands Red Loot Chest

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Borderlands Loot Chest!

This loot chest model from Borderlands is based on the original design from the first game and I modelled it directly from the "Ultimate Loot Chest" Edition of the collectible for Borderlands 2  so it's visually very accurate.

The chest itself is hinged so the lid is free to open and close! The lock mechanism itself is only a dummy, so I made the chest with slots for neodymium magnets to keep the lid closed.

The Body has a small recess at the back removed with slots so electronics can be implemented, i.e. adding lights to the panels; this can be backed with a thin sheet of plastic to hide the electronics. The panels are also windowless with the intent of backing it with frosted plastic so lights can disperse evenly.

Although this file contains all 3D pieces you'll need, external material and knowledge such as wiring LED', the use of acrylic, magnets and sandpaper will be needed to complete the 3D prop

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