DaVinci E3D v6 dobuble fan carriage.

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Summary Da Vinci E3D v6 Carriage. In this version, I use dual 30mm fans. The lateral fan is for cool down the printed area through an inner tunnel. The rear/front fan is for cool down the E3D hot sink. The slot for the belt, now has 3 holes for inserting oppressors and tighten the belt in place. I use a 30mm.5 volt fan for the hot sink.because is the voltage on the actual 40mm fan. and I use a 12volt fan for the printed area because I added a 12volts line direct from the electronic board. Use a 4 pz LM8UU bearing for mount the carriage on the actual rods. You will need to print the end stop bracket and glued on its place. The mk8, mk9, and mk10 motor mount are compatible but be sure to have the correct side filament hole.

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