Easy printing Electric Violin.

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Summary Thanks to Stepan83 for the Elviolin. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:745940 its design has inspired me. In this version: I modified some parts to facilitate printing without supports I have given a different and modern look. And I've added a integrated chinrest support. All parts can be printed without supports, except for the chinrest Recomended printing parameters: 5 Shell thickness. 4 top down solid thickness. 20 to 30 % infill 0.20mm. layer heights. If you print on ABS filament, you can use acetone or PVC pipe glue to bind the parties. If you print on PLA, then use a epoxi glue. You can use a sanding papper and patching paste for automotive jobs to leave a smooth surface to paint on color of your choice. Dont forguet to use a primer paint before the application color. you can find on ebay the electronics. Find as electric violin pickup. Use a 9.5mm threaded rod as steel core to stronger the violin body. Instructions Instructions http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:745940/#instructions materials list: Printed parts - 6pcs bridge - 1pcs sound pickup - 1pcs electronic preamp - 1pcs guitar pegs - 4pcs metal rod M8x370 - 1pcs screws: m4x25 - 9pcs m4x50 - 1pcs m4x40 - 2pcs m3x8 - 4pcs (for pegs) m2x10 - 4pcs (for electronic preamp) nuts: m4 - 12pcs m3 long nut - 4pcs for hot installation in holes (for pegs screws) m2x10 - screws for electronic preamp I melt it directly in plastic

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