Baby Jack -- O'Lantern - fits $1 store LED tealight


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Summary Happy Baby Jack O'Lantern fits over dollar store LED tealights. Three flavors. With a face With a face and Meshmixer supports Faceless YouTube time-lapse Print Settings Printer: Tronxy X3 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.24mm Infill: 10-20% Notes: Printed in cheap. Orange ABS on my Tronxy X3 with my soon to be released fan shroud so you can get to ABS temps. 2 shells. 6 top layers. Generate supports if not using Meshmixer version. Simplify3D and Cura worked best. Be sure front teeth are supported. Post-Printing Remove supports. Add a tealight. I used these LED tealights from a local DollarTree. How I Designed This Wanted to see if I could model a reasonable pumpkin using Onshape. Quite pleased how it came out.

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