Fan with Wire Management - Max Micron and other Prusa i3


Summary Just added wire management to my improved parts cooling fan shroud. Version without wire management if you prefer... • Improved cooling over stock unit as the fan duct is brought in closer to the needed area but much less general air blowing around the nozzle and heat block. • Better view of the nozzle with the duct tucked up closer to the carriage. • small shield in mouth of duct to lower direct air flow at the nozzle tip. • better access incase of failure or other issues than many of the modified shrouds that wrap around and block the nozzle • Added simple wire management coming off the head to avoid droop and lower wire stress during movement. Note- check your layers in the slicer, rotate the model on the bed to get the support material to run front to back over side to side as it's a LOT easier to remove from inside that way.

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