Y axis Pulley mount Prusa i3- Aluminum frames (Max MIcron and ot

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Summary ••note, there is a 3mm lifted version that raises the bearing 3mm's to get a better (though probably still not perfect) belt line•• broken 2 stock y mounts for the Max Micron, 1st was just cheap printing too thin, the 2nd was sorta my own fault for over tightening the pulley holding nut and it squeezed and cracked the support.. but really, the thing should be stronger!! SO... I made one stronger!! kinda over kill, but not going to break any time soon!! everything possible is rounded off instead of sharp angles so less stress cracking areas. pulley bolt/nut is design for the stock M3 size. nut is recessed and held in place so no tool needed on that side. it's a tad tight, you'll likely need to mount the nut on the screw just at the end, push nut into place from the back, then remove screw and mount everything up. Frame mount screws are again the stock sized M5's with the washer.

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