Modified Parts Fan Shroud - Max Micron and other Prusa i3


Summary Newer version with wire management integrated here - Never really liked the stock fan shroud. Just seemed to direct too much air directly at the whole nozzle and heat block making you need higher temps to work the printer. Plus it was big and blocked the view of the nozzle while printing. Have also seen many nice, more directed airflow setups, but they all seem to wrap around and block the nozzle from view. Designed this one to be a bit tighter up to the carriage, and brought the air flow closer the the actual area being printed, but put a small block in so no air is directed at the nozzle it's self. Went through 3 or 4 designs before I got this final one I like and works really well. (the model images are actually of #3 which was only tweaked for the final which I mounted before taking pictures) Note- check your layers in the slicer, rotate the model on the bed to get the support material to run front to back over side to side as it's a LOT easier to remove from inside that way.

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