Prusa i3 belt tensioner (and other printers should work)


Summary Note - all these types of clip on belt tensioning systems are a Temporary fix!! they will all cause vibrations in the belt which will feed back into the print a bit. proper stationary tensioning system is needed for quality prints. ••version 2 uploaded today July 13, 2016, lighter and a tad shorter. Noticed it high speed, small movements of the printer the belt vibrated and the tensioner was knocking into the carriage belt holder, didn't hurt anything was just unnecessary, annoying noise.•• Kinda took the idea from this one. felt it was actually adding too much tension on the belt so i made a lower tension version. just a tad lighter tension on the belt than most. I was either getting too tight or too loose with the belt just trying to get it right during install.. tried the one above and it was really yanking on the whole system.. this is just a slight tad less.. (PS, ya.. got to vacuum around the printer!! LOL )

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