Figure- Mannequin- Full and pieces (cosplay)

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Figure- Mannequin- Full and pieces (cosplay) 

Can be used to print mannequin pieces for your cosplay gear

can be used for sculptors who need a body figure to build from.

can also be used to test fit 3D files  on the figure. (for looks)

if you purchase this and would like to customize a bit, shoot me a message.

-please note that you can use meshmixer to slice models to your liking-


- Sorry for not making this simple model free, I usually post things for free on @pinshape. if you would like to help keep bringing free models support me on patreon- -

want to see more of my work? follow me on twitter.

Please do not sell the prints, also do not post them up on other sites. 

IF YOU PRINT post and message ME ON TWITTER

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Full bod.stl
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Torso head partial legs.stl
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Torso w head.stl
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