Rostock Max V2 - Triple Strong Bed Clamp - No hardware needed!


Summary I designed these bed clamps for the RoMax V2 based on the stock machine profile, including the 10mm bottom mounting plate --> heater plate clearance, 7mm of bed clearance (accommodates BuildTak on top of glass), and a beveled/curved edge to match the 310mm glass/heater plate itself. You can completely replace the "binder clip" clamps using these, or augment the binder clips! They press-fit right next to the extrusions and include a passage for the belt to fit comfortably. They offer additional clearance for the screws near the tower positions. The clamps themselves can be removed as easily as they can be installed. I designed them because I wanted to be able to press very forcefully with my spatula when lifting prints off the bed. The binder clips will snap and fly away as you press against the bed - now the bed and heater plate are securely anchored in any direction force is applied! Scrape away prints to your heart's content! IGES & Autodesk Inventor files included! 5-16-16 EDIT: I added a version that is .79mm larger and might provide an even snugger fit against the bed. Try them out! Might work, might not... Instructions Print using relatively high infill to ensure the parts don't fail for any reason. Fill at least 30% and you should be good to go. Mine are printed in PLA, but you should do just fine using just about any material! They have not deformed even with the heated bed right there next to them. You may need to very very slightly sand the inner faces of the "legs" that wrap around the aluminum extrusion towers depending on the accuracy of your printer. The 1" extrusions are 25.55mm thick on my RoMax, and I gave the legs 25.8mm of clearance. They are designed to fit snugly. This is how they achieve their strength. Press them in at an angle, based on the chamfers of the "bottom" surface (which you should orient toward the top when printing!). No support is needed, unless your printer is really awful at making small overhangs. Remember that I designed mine to accommodate a sheet of BuildTak, so you may or may not want to stick a piece of tape under the top lip to give it a little more grip. The good news is that regardless of how well it fits in the vertical, the way the pieces help resist horizontal motion is what's most important.

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