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Summary A GPU bracket inspired by a Reddit post and other T-verse designs. This is meant to use m3 screws and hex nuts, as the thumbscrews that come with your computer will not be long enough to also fit your back dust covers if you have this installed. I need to do some double-checking, but this should work for any sort of M3 nut + M3x20mm screws or slightly longer. ALSO: you can use M4 screws (or 6x32 screws SAE) and just use wingnuts or thumb nuts on the back without any extra hassle. If you're ambitious, you can use M5 screws and dig into the plastic of the support pieces if you prefer (as the main bracket's slot is 5 mm wide)... You may need to print the version with the attachable bracket unless you have a very wide GPU and it simply sits on the bracket without any additions (feel free to use either the stand-out version or the plain version associated with the extra brackets). FULL ASSEMBLY coming soon! These are on the printer right now! If you would like to purchase some of these, please head over to my Etsy shop... Edit 1: Added 6-32 version of the brackets (shown in file name) so you can put in a 6-32 machine nut to hold 6-32 SAE screws coming through the bracket. These are actually the same as the thumb screws in your computer case, so you don't need to use my metric model if you don't want to! The original main long brace still works though. How I Designed This

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