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The iPad HandleStand is a protective case that has been hacked with a pair of 3D printed handles that hinge open into an A-Frame adjustable stand. It works with a Smart Cover or with the Logitech UltraThin Keyboard Cover, and it tilts to any angle. Additional information can be found on the blog: http://interlockroc.org/2013/0...

Instructions Parts list:
  • -(1) Hinge Set (containing 2 brackets and 4 hinge members).
  • -(2) Handles (each containing parts for a 3-piece handle and a MicroBeaner for the shoulder strap).
  • -(1) Polycarbonate iPad case that snaps on at the corners such asamazon.com/PoeticBasic-Smart-Cover-Slim-Fit-Crystal/dp/B007JBN6NQ
  • -(2) Stainless steel 6-32 x .75 inch oval phillips machine screw (attach hinges to brackets)
  • -(2) flat-head 6-32 x .5 inch machine screw (attach brackets to polycarbonate case)
  • -(4) 6-32 lock nuts with nylon inserts
  • (4) #10 o-ring provide friction for hinges
  • (4) #41 o-ring provide friction against a table
  • -(1) .125 inch parachord 5 feet long
  • -Drill with .125 inch bit and countersink bit
  • -Solvent to bond ABS such as Oatey cleaner (yellow label white can) made for ABS plumbing pipe (or use acetone or superglue)... See warning below!
  • -Use match or lighter to burn the cut ends of parachord
  • -Use CAUTION during solvent bonding!
  • -Use eye protection.
  • -Work in well ventilated area!
  • -The solvent dissolves many things, and the wet plastic stains whatever it touches!
  • -Use latex NOT vinyl gloves!
  • -Use aluminum foil on work surface!
  • -Use great care to go back and coat the whole part for a uniform glossy finish (especially if parts were sanded), but do one end and hang to dry (for a few minutes) before doing the other end!
  • -The solvent can also be used to heal delaminated parts, but BE CAREFUL!

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