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What? Did you think that self-replicating 3D printers are fully grown when they are born?  

This made a great avatar for me on Thingiverse when I first started 3D printing with "MacGyvrBot" back in 2013.  


Print two sets of baby bot parts using two different colors of ABS.

  • Coat the parts with solvent* to make them strong, sand off flanges and rough spots, then coat again and sand again.
  • Make sure all the parts fit together, then assemble two-colored baby bots and solvent-bond the parts.
  • Sand again to make smooth joints and coat with solvent again for a glossy finish.
  • Drill tiny holes and use pieces of extruded filament to go from the spool to the extruder.


  • -Use CAUTION during solvent bonding!
  • -Use solvent with MEK (methyl ethyl keytone) such as Oatey cleaner (yellow label white can) made for ABS plumbing pipe (or use acetone or superglue).
  • -Work in well-ventilated area.
  • -Use eye protection.
  • -The solvent dissolves many things, and the wet plastic stains whatever it touches!
  • -Use latex NOT vinyl gloves!
  • -Use aluminum foil on work surface!
  • -The solvent can also be used to heal delaminated parts, but BE CAREFUL!

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