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Summary I had an old perfectly good portable vacuum cleaner I never wanted to throw away even though I was missing an hose adapter. Now with my 3D printer (TAZ 6) I cna make my own adapter as they don't sell parts for this vacuum anymore. The white adapters I printed with ABS with HIPS suppoprt on a dual extruder. The blue hose was with Ninjaflex using my Flexistruder. The white adapters filament cost (ABS+HIPS) was $2.46. Estimated replacement cost (no longer available for this printer) $11.36(Part $6.86 shipping $4.48). estimated savings: $8.88 Print Settings Printer Brand: LulzBot Printer: TAZ 5 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Infill: 100% Notes: the outer walls of the tubing in all parts are either 36mm or 32mm depending on whether your inserting into or onto. I used a dual extruder for the adapter itself. It was with HIPS support that came right off. Post-Printing

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