Raptor 190 Quadcopter (Ver 8)


Stylish, aggressive lines, fully enclosed electronics for a sleek look and aerodynamic advantage.

The Raptor 190 was designed from the ground up with inspiration from the look and style of the Sigan Drone, Fossils Gravity 250 and Walkera Runner 250 quads.  Ultimately I went for a Hawk-like appearance with ventilation holes to simulate feathers.  

  • Carbon Fiber upper and lower plates for maximum durability; 3k twill, 2.5mm, matte finish
  • Center spacer / Camera Plate 3D printed in PETG filament which has more resilience and elasticity than ABS or PLA.

Full Kit (V10) with Carbon Fiber upper and lower plates as well as all necessary bolts to assemble, antenna tubes, props sets and battery straps available at RaptorFPV.com

What you get:

  • Upper and Lower plates in 2.5mm 3K Twill Carbon Fiber.
  • Middle Spacer and Camera Plate in chosen color of Translucent PETG.
  • all necessary bolts/nuts for building the frame + Allan key.
  • LED strips (x4) to install on the arms or inside the translucent body.
  • antenna tubes x2 to clear the props.
  • discounted price on replacement 3D Printed pieces.
  • Battery strap
  • 1x set of 4x4.5 Bullnose DALProps

What you'll need:

  • Pliers or small wrench
  • Several Zip Ties or Double Sided Tape
  • Soldering skills and patience!

Recommended Hardware (as seen on my prototype):

  • Taranis X9D Plus 
  • CC3D Atom
  • FrSky D4R-II
  • ELGAE FPV200 Camera/Transmitter Combo
  • Fatshark Dominator V3
  • ZTW Spider Series 18A OPTO Multi-Rotor ESC
  • Scorpion M-2204-2300KV motors
  • Turnigy Graphene 1300mAh 3S
  • Suitable Antennas

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