KRAMPUS Halloween/Xmas decoration R/C controlled (WIP)

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KRAMPUS the christmas demon,

Bring him to life using the motors and control board from an old R/C car.

You will need a car with a third switch  (horn, lights, etc...) 3 motors ( drive motor, steering motor and additional motor same size as steering motor),some drill bits,  a hot knife/ soldering gun,  a tinkering nature and a LOT of patience

I created the cavities for the motors and sliced my model for printing, unfortunately, my software can't access the server for me to finish the wire channels. anyone who wishes to attempt this model will have to use the hot knife/soldering gun and drill bits to feed the wires as you wish. 

The main motor (forward/reverse) rotates the waist, the steering motor operates the right arm/switching arm, and the extra motor (which will run in only one direction) shakes the arm holding the bad child.

The base has ample room for the control board, battery pack, speaker, etc...

The shaking left arm has been uploaded as 2 versions ( 1 is solid and the other is set up for the arms to be hinged LOOSELY, you will have to cut the slots and holes if you use this version) the hinged arms make the shaking seem more dramatic. I accidently broke the boys leg  when cleaning off the supports and decided to install a spring from a pen instead of just glueing the leg together. this added dramatically to the shaking effect!

The switch simply gets glued together, then glued to the hand.

Place the GOOD child anywhere you wish for best results.

You can simply print and glue this together for an interesting decoration/conversation piece as well.

Anyone who wishes to make this can message me if they have any questions/problems with assembly.

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KRAMPUS good scared girl 2 print.stl
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KRAMPUS head 2 print.stl
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KRAMPUS legs split 2 print.stl
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KRAMPUS body split 2 print.stl
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KRAMPUS shaking arm bad boy needs holes 2print.stl
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KRAMPUS shaking arm with bad boy not hinged 2 print.stl
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KRAMPUS stick 2print.stl
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KRAMPUS switching arm 2print.stl
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shaking arm motor knob.stl
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