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I've always wanted an articulated Gremlin and decided to try making one, 

this is it. I used this excellent model  Gremlin STL by Hoinz

and I used these joint connectors from

I replaced the neck connector with a pin (to save headaches) and included alternate head and hands files (non articulated ears and fingers)  that should be be easier and faster to print at layer 0.2mm Use supports when printing,  body parts only need light cleaning, as any small support leftover adds to the scaly look of the Gremlin, joints need proper clean sanding to snap together

GREMLIN print time broken up: temp 205  infill 30%  layer height 0.2mm   speed 45 body  2hr 28 min arms  1hr 44 min legs  1hr 28 min waist and pins  1hr 43 min GREMLIN with articulated ears print settings: print time 4 hr 30 min  infill 50%   layer height 0.1mm   speed 40   

GREMLIN articulated hands print settings: print time 1 hr 48 min infill 50%   layer height 0.06mm  speed 20 

Design Files

File Size

GREMLIN exploded view (assembly aid).stl
14.7 MB
GREMLIN arms .stl
2.82 MB
GREMLIN waist and pins.stl
1.76 MB
GREMLIN articulated hands option.stl
6.78 MB
GREMLIN body.stl
1.01 MB
GREMLIN hands solid (alternative choice).stl
1.47 MB
GREMLIN head articulated ears option.stl
7.04 MB
GREMLIN head attached ears (alternative choice).stl
5.03 MB
GREMLIN legs.stl
3.32 MB


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