I was wondering why everybody has "dancing groot" but they are all stationary.

Why not have him as a solar dancer?

So here is an actual DANCING groot.

Just pop the bottom off a solar dancer from the dollar store (carefully, the copper wires are THIN)

slide it into the hole in pot, glue in place.

remove the magnet from the original dancer and glue in groots bottom cavity.

place in sunlight and enjoy!  in action video  @


I cut the model for ease of printing.

the completed 3d model is for reference purposes.

Assembly instructions now available upon request.

Design Files

File Size

groot complete assembly.stl
6.53 MB
groot face.stl
666 KB
groot hair.stl
2.1 MB
SPINE 1.stl
1.16 MB
SPINE 2.stl
775 KB
901 KB
pot top.stl
916 KB
pot bottom.stl
93.5 KB


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