Geometric Desk Organizer


Summary This artistic desk organizer has sections of different sizes and shapes for storing things such as pencils and pens, paper clips, and sticky notes. Customizable files attached. PLEASE upload any makes! If you'd like to get this printed, visit my 3D hub for reliable, quick, and cheap 3D printing services or my Shapeways shop for a professional print in any color or material. Print Settings Printer: Maker Architect Infill: Above 10% How I Designed This I began with a 3D rectangle and started by sketching a hexagon in the center and then adding lines on either side to divide the outside sections. Then, I divided the hexagon into three sections and outlined all of the polygons so they could be cut out. After outlining the shapes, I cut them out of the rectangle using the press/pull tool. I also modified the sides of the shapes to make them more irregular. The walls in the front are also lower for easier access for small things like paper clips. Then, I chamfered the edges to make the design flow better and preserve the geometric look.

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