ZMR250 - ZMR220x evolution

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Item name: Spacer ZMR220x (SBS plastic material modifications to the ZMR250 ) 

The weight of the new version of simpletons just 21g. In simpleton provided for mounting camera with adjustable angle PZ0420M 15-55 degrees, PLUS OWL and Swift RunCam (5 and 25 degrees ). The hole for the FPV transmitter is drilled in place. (For installation need to cut the plate zmr250 just cut 2 each of 3 plates.) Also there is a mounting for the controller managing the flight operations centre distance standard of 30.5 mm. Rays from ZMR250 - one of the holes when installation need to drill out 0.5 mm. the weight of the entire frame ZMR220x with spacer 98g+21g=119g.

Material:  SBS plastic

Weight: 21g 

Layer Height: 0,1

Infill 20% + support

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