Original push-to-fit RAMPS box.


  • Fast print
  • Good cooling!
  • Enough space for wires
  • Reset switch hole
  • Push-to-fit
  • 40mm cooler

While building my RepRap Rostock 3D printer, I needed enclosure for electronics - of course. And of course, there's plenty. However, they all either print for too long, or require different fan size, or something else. And worst yet, none of these provides good cooling for extruder stepper driver. The catch with extruder stepper, especially on deltas, is heating: stepper can push a lot of plastic through the hotend, but to do that, driver needs to deliver it a lot of power. Lot of power means lot of heat, which needs to disipate somewhere - otherwise, diver shuts down till cool enough. That means skipping steps, which starts some time after long print was started. In case of extruder stepper, that means filament flow stops, and you get holes.

Well, I solved all that by placing cooler in just the right place, so it cools extruder driver, and giving enough room for hot air to get out, around all the messy wires. Fast print is side-effect of development - I simply couldn't affort 7 hours for next iteration, so I made walls as thin as possible to be functional - 2mm - which printed in about 2 hours. Installing Mega and RAMPS inside requires no screws. 40mm fan needs to be screwed though.

In case you need one printed, you can place order here.

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