Action Camera Flex Bubble Tripod

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Updated 12/10/16 See Notes at Bottom

Flexible bubble ball joint tripod for action cameras that use the common gopro style mounting platform works with all gopro hero model cameras & session, sjcam, xiaomi yi, and other clone cameras.

The M5 acorn nut that can be purchased at any hardware store or you can buy a few here on amazon prime here for cheap

This uses the standard M5 GoPro style mount thumb screws.

I separated each part into individual files, so you can group the build as needed for your printer bed, and so you can set the leg section count.

Print: 1x tripod top (Updated 12/8/16) 1x tripod 3x leg sections minimum (Just print more leg sections for longer legs, print in other colors to mix it up!) 3x feet 

Snap together you and got a cool Ball-Joint Bubble Tripod that works with the gopro style mounting platform!

*12/17/16 I added a 2nd file for the Feet "Tripod Foot Updated EASY.stl" this can be a some what hard print for some printers so i made the easy foot model with a flat bottom so that its less likely to become separated from the build surface while printing, even with a raft it some was easy to become detached from the raft while printing. This will keep that from happening and you can print with out a raft or brim. I am leaving both files so you have your choice of foot. 

*Update 12/10/16 Updated all files corrected all mesh separation issues. I also made other mostly cosmetic changes to the tripod top.This design is a little more sound. Acorn nut bore is tight so that the nut stays in place with out the bolt. I install the nut in the bore using the screw first install any 2 fork end mount as if mounting the camera (so you don't break the ears), and use the screw to pull the nut into the bore. 

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Tripod Top Updated.stl
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Tripod Foot Updated EASY.stl
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Leg Sement Updated.stl
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Tripod Updated.stl
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