Halloween Window Hanger

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Boo! A spooky glow in the dark Halloween window hanger by Pongo. A simple print that can be scaled on the bed to suit your own printer. For most printers printing all parts at 70% of the actual size should be fine. Assembly is a doddle and simply requires the black parts to be bonded to the face of the glow in the dark parts, and for this task we used our very own Pongo PLA Adhesive (on sale in our UK online store now) We also printed this with our Liquorice BlackFirefly Green and Firefly Blue glow in the dark filaments. All of the above are available from the pongo store

Happy Halloween

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Halloween hanger pumpkin in Firefly Green.stl
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Halloween hanger Sky in Firefly Blue.stl
61.6 KB
Halloween hanger windows 1 in Firefly Green.stl
39.7 KB
Halloween hanger silhouette in Liquorice Black.stl
443 KB
Halloween hanger windows 2 in Firefly Green.stl
62 KB
Halloween hanger bat in Liquorice Black.stl
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