Mr Biggy Panks - The Rather Shy Piggy Bank

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Mr Biggy Panks the rather shy Piggy Bank. Whether you are saving for a mortgage or your next roll of filament there is enough room inside this fella to stash away a few hundred gold coins. No support required except for the whites of his eyes as we printed these upright to avoid the need to remove support form the entire back of the eye (as it is curved) this way they fit perfectly on the curved body. We also used a raft on the body just to ensure it lasted the hours required on the bed. All others were simply printed as they appear in the model images and at 0.2 res except the body that we printed at 0.25 to save a little time. Print Settings Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.25 Infill: 10% Notes: We only used a raft on the body just to ensure we got good bed adhesion as the print time on this is +10 hours. All others were printed directly on the bed with no support other than the whites of the eyes which we added a little to and we printed these upright to prevent the need to remove support from the entire back surface of the eye. Any other questions then please do fire away :)

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