Steampunk Cabinet Latch

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This is a fully functioning spring-loaded cabinet latch appropriate for standard kitchen cabinet size doors and smaller.   I used it on a BBQ cabinet along with the Steampunk Hinge also on this site. 

The springy bit is the flexing PVC 1/2 circle seen about mid-way; it is long lasting.  For a finish I mixed acetone with copper powder and painted it on with a small brush.   Once dry high gloss polishing with a brass dremel brush or softer tools is possible.  

Printed in ABS at .3 mm resolution.  Finish coated with acetone mixed with copper powder and then polished with dremel tools.  Uses #6 screws to fasten or if scaled to 80% it will use #4 screws.  With the copper powder I anticipate it will change colour and go green with humidity which is the desired effect.  Or just paint it.  Copper powder is on ebay.   See the matching hinge.

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