RV Trailer Window Crank Steampunk

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This is a collection of cranks for an RV / Trailer window mechanism with a 5/16 or 8mm spline shaft.  The variations relate to the length of the stem at the back as some are embedded in windows a bit more than others.  Two of the versions don’t require the knob.  Printed mine in ABS then covered with copper and aluminum powder mixed with acetone.  I am sure they will work well painted or left plain.

The knob needs a 3/32 x 3/8 or 3mm x 10mm bolt.  There is a spot for the nut as well if you want to pause the print and drop one in but I discovered the bolts thread in nice and strong without. 

Prints best at resolutions at .3 mm or under lest the splines get a bit fuzzy.

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SP Crank 3C1.stl
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SP Crank 3E .75.stl
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SP Crank 3E 1 .stl
568 KB
SP Crank 3F 1 .stl
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Crank knob.stl
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SP Crank 2D 1.stl
254 KB
SP Crank 3D 1.stl
1.05 MB
SP Crank 3D .75.stl
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SP Crank 3D 1.375.stl
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