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Summary This is a micro quad full designed to improve the better FPV experience, and also a good video recording. The arms are designed to protect motors and offers a good resistance to the impact and protecting the cables. I have two designs, up to 28mm motor and 5 inch prop, and up to 24mm motor and 6 inch prop. The ESC are placed inside the body, protecting them and ofering a good air flow. Few wires goes out from body: battery, 4 signals, and 5v Vcc. And the best of the design is the free vibration area, at the top, too large to place the naze32 (or similar), receiver, video transmitter, FPV camera and HD recording camera (and also an OSD). Here you can see a video recordered with this quad: http://youtu.be/sghRsG60mQE The hardware you need is up to 16 screws M2x20mm, up to 4 M2x14, and 4 antivibration balls (50-65 grs) from hobbiking (blue or black ones) Edit: Another video recordered with this quad: http://youtu.be/7uF6bPYqLfo I also have a micro-tri and a micro-hexa versions I'll upload soon Instructions Once you have printed, sand the sides of the arms, only the part must be inserted into the body. Place the nuts using a solder at the bottom of the middle body. You can uso 4 screws in all arms or only 2, IMO with 2 screws is enougth hard. Mount 4 arms with middle body and top body and screw them together. Place motors in the arm, and the ESC and solder them. Put the antivibration balls in the top plate and join it with the main body. Before placing the botom cover, place a velcro to secure the lipo between top plate and main body.

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