MicroScrab quad V2


Summary This is the new version of scrab quad. The new things are: -Lipo at the bottom, more easy to replace, and more flexible about size. -Distance between top plate and body reduced, and good to place Rx, Vtx, osd and other electronics. -All parts except arms and middle body are redesigned -Added a camera fixed tilt angle support (two versions, 25º and 15º) This is a ligth design, then I recommend to use light motors (DYS 1806) and ligth ESC (blue 12A). With a 1250 mAh 3S lipo and all FPV stuff, the weight is under 500 grams. All grey parts in second picture are not printable. I recomend to use M2 X 20 screws to assamble (16 units with bolt) and the antivibration are the blue ones at hobbyking. Also, you need two 4mm tubes GF or CF, as long as you want This is the indoor test video: https://youtu.be/yZbZIEfiWvY And this is a fly video, with final crash test: https://youtu.be/5R-_umZLiJw. As you can see, the upper plate is disarmed, but no other damages (except minor sky support damage)

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