revival & redesign of the windowfarms project.

Windowfarms are a great & sustainable way to grow herbs & vegetables even in tiny flats. Building them requires a bit of work and teaches a lot about plants. It's modular, scalable and easy to upgrade, which makes it a great educational project. Since the community, by which they were developed, isn't reachable anymore, building instructions are hard to find. So here comes an optimised version of the farm, alongside with 3D-printable upgrades.

As optimisation, I applied a wide brim to ensure a good hold onto the next bottle. I also integrated a riffled surface for a better grip.

Read more about the windowfarm revival

Materials needed

5 plastic bottles (change the number to your needs) 4 rubber bands (mine are 2mm wide - number of bottles minus one) about 3 metres of strong cord, mine is about 2mm in diameter dark spray paint clay plant pellets 4 plants (number of bottles minus one)

4 hydroponics flower pots (number of bottles minus one) - if you can't get those, get black 'inside flowerpots'

Tools needed

FDM printer sharpie scissors pliers 27-30 mm crown drill

a drill roughly the same diameter as the cord.

Now, have fun!

Design Files

File Size

20.9 MB
21.3 MB


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