IKEA Lack box for Prusa i3

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Summary This is a customization of the IKEA LACK box. I've made some modifications to add an air extractor and a cooling fan. I've changed the bottom feet to allow the top of the box to be easily removed and inserted. You can see on the pictures the upper box removed. Of course, you don't need to remove the top box to access the printer : the front plexi can be easily removed with the handle. It has the good dimensions to stay in place by itself. I've made it for my Prusa i3 MK2 but it should work too for other repraps models. Edit : If you need to print tall objects (Z>17cm), you will find that IKEA feet are a bit too short. I've made a tall version of the bottom feet supports that give more height to the enclosure. I strongly advise to use them. These are tall_support_plexi__lack_backbottom.stl files. Of course, you will need to mesure the height of the acrylic sheets accordingly. If you have the short version and lack some height - like me... - I've design specials pieces to give more height without having to change acrylic screens. Just ask me if you need them. Post-Printing Instructions : Use the support_plexi* to build the structure and hold the plexiglass walls in place. For the bottom fan, I used a 12mm diameter PC fan (https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B002KTVFTE) For the air extractor, I inserted in the air_extractor box a 8mm fan (https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B01915JPSM). I replaced the glass of the window by a plexi with a 8mm diameter hole and a 10 cm grid on the outdoor side. I removed the display control and the power supply from printer to put then under the table. use wires.stl to pass wires through the table. The filament spool is on the top table. I used TheChrisP's convenient spool holder and modified the arm to be installed on the table instead of the printer's frame. Use the photos to get an idea of how things work and feel free to adapt for your needs. If you have some maintenance to do on the printer, the top table with the plexi windows can be easily removed to allow an unrestricted access to the printer.

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