Airsoft Mini Claymore

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Summary I once bought a Airsoft Claymore and loved the tactical options it gave. But it´s big and expencive. So i wanted to create one that is cheap and small so you can carry multiple one´s. You need 2 micetraps for the arms, wire (which i drilled double) to attach the mousetraps through the holes in the body. You can use the metall pins of the mousetraps to attach the door and lever - but it will look nicer and work better with an M3 and an M5 screw. The shooting mechanism is not perfect up to now, but with tape it will already shoot around 5 meters which is enough to cover doors and little ways. Iam still trying some options to improve this. The lever works like i charm for me now after trying LOTS of different mechanism, you can use the loop on the down part to guide the string to the front of the mine. You HAVE TOO make a little pocket for the bbs so they dont fall out the mechanism. I recomend to just fill the BBs after setting up the claymore. Instructions All parts have a smooth side on which it can be easily printed.

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