Angled Airsoft Sight / ZB26 Style


Summary First - its not really beautifull, i´am really not a pro in 3D Design :-( But good thing - it works well! A while ago i got my hands on an airsoft ZB26 LMG, and i really liked the optic of the sights, which - like the bren guns as well - are offset to the left because the LMG has the magazine on top. I then realized that it is really practic as well - while with normal sights you have to tilt your head over the rifle quite strange sometimes with the offset sights you basically look automatically through them when you put the gun in your shoulder. You cant zero them in - so they are not 100% accurate of course - but they are really nice for the optic ("Hey whats that") AND they really come handy for those quick shoots around 20 meters because you can pickup your target really quick and quite decent at that range. You will need some 3mm screws and perhaps redrill the holes, then they hold neatly and tight. Feel free to improve my design if you want ;-) Use high infill ( 50% worked for me) for stability) and lay it flat, will print minimal support. Airsoft Video Channel ;-) :

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