Hang many things, including wide shavers, wall hook

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SummaryUpdate: These are emphatically NOT earthquake proof. Do Not hang valuable crystal or Precious Moments collectibles with these wall hangers if you live near an active seismic fault or Topeka. Update: I added a few variations that I have found to be useful for wallhanging puppets and other things. Warning: may fuel your OCD impulse to over organize, utilizing all of that spare wall space in your workshop. These print up pretty quick and can manage a light load with the help of some good double-sided tape. Proudly display your works of art or figurines or crucifixes, or whatever. Simple hook for hanging a Gillette type shaver for shower or bathroom. Or whatever fits.InstructionsNo support needed and very little cleanup. I suggest 100% fill. I use Scotch double-sided exterior tape for medicine cabinet applications and silicone for shower tile adhesion.

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