Handy Handheld Camera Mount V2.0


SummaryI finally had a chance to revisit this design and make some sweet improvements. Now it tilts at the middle, so it can be used as a mini tripod on whatever surface is available. The main camera mount has slider capability to allow balance adjustment +/- 15mm. I made the base much more stable and added little feet for non flat surfaces. It is a valuable run-and-gun tool for documentary or guerrilla filmmaking using 4/3s size cameras. The lenscap stowage in the base is another great feature. I included versions without the gopro as well. This design specifically accommodates cameras that load memory and/or battery from the bottom. Please post your makes. Enjoy! These are the parts you will need: 4 1/4" #6 machine screws 1 1/2" long 1/4-20 hex bolt 1 3/4" or 7/8" long 1/4-20 socket bolt 1 1/4" locknut 1 1/4-20 standard nut Gopro nut and knobInstructionsPrint the top and bottom with support. I use Simplify 3D and the support came out super easy. The foot and slider gasket are done in flex filament and are not necessary but nice to have. The feet screw in with 1/4" long #6 screws. The gasket is mounted with ca glue. The other hardware is all 1/4-20 standard camera thread. The main camera mount uses a 1/2" long hex head bolt. Put this in before you attach the base through the hole in the swivel. The swivel itself uses a socket cap 3/4" or 7/8" long bolt and locknut. The tripod mount in the base uses a standard 1/4-20 nut. Measure your lenscap and pressure fit the appropriate insert into the base.

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