Bender Redbull Koozie with Lid

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SummaryThis is an update to Joel's awesome Bender Redbull Koozie. I repaired the surfaces, cleaned stray polys, lowered the can depth (this decreased the print time dramatically), added a chamfer around the lip, and created a snap on lid with straw hole. I added another version that allows for hollow printing after 3.52mm. (This fixes the free floating section behind the eyes and the tiny lip that connects the head to the top of the eye brow.) Set your slicer to print the first 3.52mm with 20% infill, after that, set to 0% with 2 or 3 shells. This will make for a far faster print. Thanks Joel! SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE: IF YOU SUBSCRIBE WITHIN THE NEXT 13 SECONDS WE WILL THROW IN THIS BONUS GIFT OF ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (A $299.99 VALUE) FREE!

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