Bug Catcher Stick (Critter Catcher) Wand Parts


SummaryOh No! Spiders! Molerats! Rad roaches! Does your family have a problem with icky bugs? Now there is the Bug Catcher Stick! Act now, supplies are limited! Yuck! A bloat fly! Someone on the 3d printing FB group asked if anyone reverse engineered one of those "As seen on TV" bug grabbers. Done. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! PARTS REQUIRED These are the parts for a bug catcher. 1/8in schedule 40 pvc pipe 1 metal clothes hanger 1 old plastic coffee can lid 1 old brush with long bristles or old 1.75mm filament pieces 1 thick rubber band INSTRUCTIONS Print all 3 parts. "Plunger", "Inside handle" and "outside handle". Cut the bristles off the brush (1.75mm filament would also work) and set aside. Trace out the plunger onto the plastic coffee can lid. Cut out the circle from the plastic coffee can lid lid. Poke 3 holes in a line, in the middle of the lid, 1 in the center. Poke smaller holes in the cut lid around the outside of the center hole. Push brush bristles through the smaller outside holes. Straighten out the metal clothes hanger. Attach "plunger" and outside handle end to opposite ends of pipe. Put a bend in the end of clothes hanger and attach to the "inside handle end". Run clothes hanger attached to "inside handle end" end through "outside handle end", down the pipe. Run rubber band through larger holes 1 and 3. Push clothes hanger through center hole of coffee can lid and crimp end with pliers. Attach rubber band to the hooks on the inside of the plunger. ADJUSTMENT Adjust tension pulling rubber band upwards, it should pull the center bristles inward. Downwards pressure on the handle will cause the rubber band to loosen and release the bristles. ACT NOW! SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED! SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYfOQDGx24ZWrE-EUv_jSdw IF YOU SUBSCRIBE WITHIN THE NEXT 13 SECONDS WE WILL THROW IN THIS BONUS GIFT OF ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (A $299.99 VALUE) FREE! SUBSCRIBE NOW!

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