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SummaryCreated to store my API brand water test kits for use with my aquariums, aquaponics garden setup and koi tank ! Displays 5 test kit colour charts & holds 5 test tubes (with or without cap on base) & has space for up to 10 test kit bottles. I am not affiliated with API !Print SettingsPrinter: Yasin 200 Dual ExtruderRafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: 0.2Infill: 10%Notes: I printed in Yasin Grey PLA (1.75mm). Print the Tray Handle oriented vertically, with the star shape on the print bed. I did not need raft.Post-PrintingSlide the Tray Handle into the bottom of the Tray Base until flush. It is intended as an interference fit, and slid together well on my print, and is retained well (but can be easily popped back out). You may need to trim if your print tolerances are larger than mine (!)How I Designed ThisHaving had all the test kit bits in a plastic box under the bench and fed up with where to put the test tubes during a test, I designed this holder to house all the API kits I have. Whilst it is good for storage, it is also designed to be useful during a test to hold the test tubes and have the colour chart right there when needed. Designed this in Solidworks.Custom SectionIf you want the source file to create a remix, drop me a line

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