Bendy Articulated Arm For Those Awkward Octopus Position (FreeCA


SummaryThis is an articulated arm for 40mm fan mount for cooling filament from hot nozzle but can otherwise be remixed for other purpose. As it is meant for the Velleman K8200 (3Drag) 3D printer, this thing includes a mount that fits over an original part (the fan mount on frame) within the kit for extra snuggyness. C D Beam provides 180 degrees action. C Beam is more sturdy but has fewer degrees of freedom. Ball Beam is an extension beam. Fixing screw holes are M3, but holding them together with rubber band will do just fine. All STL has a flat surface for positioning on print bed. FreeCAD files provide for remix! K8200 fan nozzle is from original STL file. The orange is from my star ship replicator.InstructionsThe parts with ball joint should ideally be print with 0.2mm layer thickness (or less). Using Cura, on the advance tab, 'cutoff object bottom' by 0.3mm to improve adhesion to printing bed. If that too fails, use 'UHU extra power' glue stick shown in gallery. And don't forget to have fun! LOLZ of fun!

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