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SummaryThis 3D print requires additional parts. See updated photos on wiring up control switch Wiring instructions: Brown (-) and Green (+) from the Ultrasonic mister Green wire goes in series with the switch, comes out as the red wire, joins back to the Step Down DC-DC Module (+IN) Brown goes direct to -IN of Step Down module Module has 2 solder holes per input, this make it easy to join the inputs (+IN and -IN) back out to the humidifier (after the switch), the switch simply becomes the ON/OFF control for everything. Adjust to correct voltage (+OUT and -OUT) with your voltmeter Connect +OUT and -OUT to your 30mm 12V DC Fan NOTE: - IN and -OUT are effective the same connection Congratulate yourself, job done! Waterproofing your print, making it watertight Always a problem for any prints On Cura, go to Expert menu -> Open expert settings (CTRL-E), increase infill overlap to 50%, try to increase infill, if possible, print 100% With ABS, brush the inside with pure acetone With PLA, brush with clear acrylic, e.g. Tamiya X-22, clear gloss coat* BOM include: 1) Ultrasonic Atomiser (Search ebay for ultrasonic mist fogger, it's the black plastic version, 36mm diameter) 2) 30mm Fan (4 x 18mm screw for attachment) 3) 2 (height) x3 (diameter) mm neodydium magnets (Search ebay) 4) A Step down power converter module, ( 5) Rectangle flashlight push button switch ( You can use either a 'coke' PET bottle or Kikkoman Soy Sauce classic bottle (look nicer and it's glass). The ultrasonic atomiser requires 18~24V, you can use any 19V laptop adpater for this purpose, old Dell and Acer's often uses regular 2.5mm DC plug. The fan blower speed can be adjusted with the voltage step down module. The humidifier blower is held in place simply with the magnets superglued into the inserts.

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