SummaryThis Water Jet Drive has been developed for a large sized boat. This jet drive can produce a flow rate roughly 192 L/m in my test setup (see below). With a exit velocity of 2.1 m/s. the aim was to create a high flow low pressure pump to have a lot of pushing force. Therefore an axial pump was the best suited solution.... 4 iterations later and i have created an outstanding pump. The only thing that will be changed is the prop, to a printed version. The test setup: using about 1 meter of 40mm high pressure pvc piping 1x 90 degree elbow 2x 15 degree bends overall with a elevation difference of 400mm Power Plant using a 540 sized motor (3300kV) with a 3:1 gear box, driven by a 2 cell redback lipo. Prop bought a prop from the local hooby shop, the 2 bladed prop has an OD is 56mm with a 4mm thread centre. Shaft 4mm rigid stainless steel with a 8mm brass housing Printed with ABS ADDED: youtube video Check out my other designs Need something designed or printed swing me a message on

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