Jet Aerator - Bilge Pump

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SummaryJet Aerator - Live Bait Tank This was designed to increase the dissolved oxygen in a live bait tank as two air stones could not sustain the travelling times and the bait would die. Using the outlet of the bilge pump to flow over a single stone and create turbulent water by using internal veins to make the water rotate. The air hose will need to be sealed through the inlet as it may not be a perfect fit. The air stone was purchased from a local pet shop, it has an OD of ~15.4mm and 21mm in length plus the tube the fitting. Specs Inlet - 19.6mm OD Air Tubing - 3mm (Roughly 5-6mm external ID depending on pipe) Air inlet hole - 6mm Outlet - 14mm ID Link to video - Check out my other designs Need some designed or printed swing me a message on SettingsPrinter: Felix 3.0Rafts: NoSupports: YesResolution: 0.2Infill: 80%

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