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SummaryI would always see those custom Xbox Guide buttons and say to myself, "Man, something like that would be cool to have." Now that I have a 3D printer I decided to make a Destiny Queen's Wrath faction guide button myself. Took me 3 tries to get the dimensions just right but it is was worth it. I am uploading a clean home button for anyone that wants to customize it, an unsupported Queen's Wrath button, and a Queen's Wrath button with MeshMixer supports built in. If you do make a custom guide button I highly recommend using the MeshMixer support instead of your standard grid or line supports, the MeshMixer ones work really well in tight spots like this and break away easily and fairly cleanly. You might also need to do a small bit of sanding depending on your printer. I made a Xbox One Button also: SettingsPrinter: Fabrikator MiniRafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: YesResolution: .3mmInfill: 30%Notes: Printed with Hatchbox Red PLA at 190 degrees.How I Designed ThisI documented the general process at my Tumblr

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