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SummaryI am a big fan of the game RuneScape and decided to design and print the Water Rune from the game. I also sanded and painted it to look more stone like and so I could cast them in resin and sell them on my Etsy Store. I also did a Time Lapse of the print.Print SettingsPrinter: Monoprice Maker SelectRafts: NoSupports: YesResolution: 0.25mmInfill: 15%Notes: Filament: Hatchbox Black PLA Extruder Temp: 210C Bed Temp: 60C Post-PrintingSandingI sanded with regular sandpaper you can buy anywhere starting a 80 grit and working my way up to 400 grit. It is important to sand against the layers of the 3d print so that that they start to blend better.PaintingAfter sanding I painted it with two coats with Rust-Oleum Sandable 2in1 Primer Filler. You may have to do some sanding in between coats depending on what type of finish you want to achive. *Optional* Silicon MoldSince I wanted an easy and quick way of producing and selling these I opted out to make a mold out of Two Part Silicone. A channel called Punished Props has a great Tutorial Series which I followed to make my mold.*Optional* CastingAfter waiting about 8 hours for my mold to cure I poured a Two Part Resin in and let it cure for about 20 minutes and pulled it out. I recommend putting a small layer of something like baby powder (I used some corn starch I had laying around) into the mold before casting because it will make it easier to remove the cast piece from the mold and hide any left over layer lines or bubbles that are in the mold. The YouTube playlist I linked will explain better and more thoroughly than I can. Detail PaintingIf you decided to cast your part in resin you will need to repaint a gray base color. If you are just using your finished 3d print then this part is up to your imagination. What I did was paint the runestone with Rust-Oleum Gray Stone textured spray paint. I then got an Acrylic Paint Kit and painted the water symbol blue. I then decided to repaint the symbol with some sparkly fingernail polish since I wasn't satisfied with the look of the acrylic paint.

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