Wanhao Duplicator i3 LED Switch Mount


SummaryWanted to mount a strip of LEDs to my Maker Select and I noticed that there are some unused mounting holes on the side of the printer, so I designed a mount that holds the switch in an easy to access position and that should allow you to thread the wires to the LEDs on the inside of the case.Print SettingsPrinter: Monoprice Maker SelectRafts: YesSupports: YesResolution: .2mmInfill: 100%Notes: Settings Filament: MG Chemicals Red PETG Extruder Temp: 240C Bed Temp: 60C Post-PrintingRequired Parts 2x M3x6mm Screws 2x M3 Nuts Two Position Slide Switch(The switch I used was one that I salvaged out of an old Digital Clock and Radio combination, but I'm pretty sure the one I linked is the same) How I Designed ThisLink to CADI designed this with the OnShape Mobile app, if you want or need to edit the model for a different switch or something here is the link: Switch Mount CAD

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