Ruger SP-101/HKS 36 Speed Loader Holster


SummaryI started carrying a Ruger SP101 revolver and didn't like keeping my speed loader in my pocket. I also didn't feel like paying $10+ for basically a nylon pouch to hold my speed loader, so I decided to design and print my own. The speed loader I have is the HKS 36 so this model should work for any revolver compatible with that speed loader. If you are going to print this file I recommend printing V2 and getting something like These Velcro Straps since it is a lot stronger print and a little more universal than V1. Another thing I recommend to do is to get some Foam and glue it to the rear on the inside of the holster to help prevent the speed loader from moving freely/falling out. Print SettingsPrinter: Monoprice Maker SelectRafts: YesSupports: NoResolution: 0.3mmInfill: 100%Notes: Version 1 Filament: Inland Blue PETG Extruder Temp: 250C Bed Temp: 60C Version 2 Filament: Esun Black PETG Extruder Temp: 255C Bed Temp: 60C How I Designed ThisI cover how I designed it briefly in my Tumblr post Here.

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