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Speed Lace is a quick alternative to tying laces.  The Velcro design allows the user to snap on shoe laces.

This design allows people with hand disabilities to wear shoes with laces.  Many adult or athletic shoes only have laces and are not available in vecro or non-lace versions.  To make it easy for those people to wear shoes with laces.  Although there is some assembly required, it's just like lacing normal shoes.  

Push the parts together to wear and push your foot forward to undo your laces!


1. Glue vecro on "velcro slots" indicated in diagram

2. unlace the top three holes of the shoe

3.loosly lace the lace to the first hole of the design, then lace to the shoe and continue until all holes are laced

4. repeat on the other side

5.slide foot in, adjusting the tightness of the laces to a comfortable position when the two speed lace parts are together

6.put ends of lace into "lace secure loop" and tuck the rest inside the shoe

7. Ready for use!

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Layer height: 0.2 mm

Infill: 100%

Material : ABS or PLA 

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